Karina Del Savio
Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1970

1992 Berazategui Glass School, Argentina
1997 Silvia Levenson (Bullseye Glass), from Italy
1998 El Progreso Glass Factory,
Eduardo Osimani, from Spain
Miriam Di Fiore, from Italy
2000 La Granja Royal Glass Factory, Segovia, Spain

Teaching background
1994-2004 Teacher in Berazategui Glass School, Argentina
2001-2005 Fire Craft and Art School, Chile
2008-2010 International Glass Art Seminars, Argentina

Her works of Art are owned by
“Contemporary Museum of Glass of

Berazategui”, Buenos Aires, Argentina
María Inés Brücher, Isla negra, Chile
Familia Bargero, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Linda Benn, Oxforshire, England
John Lenahan, USA
Michel Shane, USA
Massimo Magrini, Italy
Taylor Residence, Seattle, USA
Goeke Residence - published by Seattle Magazine

2005 SOFA, Chicago, USA
2006 SOFA, Chicago, USA
2007 SOFA, Chicago, USA
2007 SOFA, New York, USA
2008 SOFA, Chicago, USA
2008 SOFA, New York, USA
2009 SOFA, Santa Fe, USA
2010 SOFA, Santa Fe, USA